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Clicking PTC sites is an easy and convenient way to make money online, however it has some drawbacks. You have to be careful which sites you join because most new sites are scams, and do bad business practices. Some of the old, legit PTC sites are still safe but some of them discontinue PTC ads while others pay rather low to maintain their stability.

There are a few online jobs that are safer and pay better yet still easy and convenient. Cam modeling is one of these easy jobs and it pays much much better. This might be a good money making method for both men and women.

Privacy and Safety

Webcam visibility country filter
YOU decide who can see your webcam

Some people will freak out when read about webcam modeling, because they connect it with pornography. However this is not always the case. At first, you are your own boss. You decide how far you go and how much you show about yourself. Some people will even pay just for chatting and having some company.

If you will go further, you still don’t have to show your face and you can cover your environment as you want. Webcam sites also allows country filtering. You can make your presence hidden for visitors from your own county or any other selected countries. Just go to your account settings and select countries that you want to block from watching your page. This way, your privacy will be reserved and no-one will discover you. Webcam modeling can be anonymous and perfectly safe.

What Do I Need to Start?

As for the equipment, you don’t need expensive stuff at first. You only need what you have already had: computer with an internet connection. You also need a camera, but you don’t need an expensive one at first. In cam modeling, performance often beats quality. You can upgrade your stuff later if you earn enough money. You can even use your phone as a camera and some of them are quite good for it.

How Much Can I Earn?

Chloe Khan
Some girls, like Chloe Khan, became rich by webcam modeling

It’s an important question. Top webcam models can earn hundreds of dollars daily or even more with a few hours of work. Some girls even became millionaires by video chatting, see their stories here and here. A great income is a reachable goal for anyone who have at least average capabilities and a little bit of persistence. Even if you are not very good looking, you can earn a decent income due to the huge demand for adult chat services. Adult entertainment is a thriving business. You can definitely earn a lot more than on PTC sites.

How Do I Get Paid?

Most adult related sites pay by check for North-American members and have multiple payment methods for international members. Popular payment processors are Paxum and FirstChoice Pay (same company as Payoneer). Both of them provides Mastercard debit card for their costumers, and they can withdraw their earnings from any local ATM.

Where Can I Start?

I recommend to join Chaturbate. It’s one of the best and most trusted webcam site and the highest paying one. Chaturbate is an established company since 2011. If you join them, you don’t have to worry about your payments. You can sign up by clicking the banner below: